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    • CambridgeSoft`s Registration System (FAQ)

    • Author: CambridgeSoft , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • CambridgeSoft offers a web based chemical registration application called Registration System. The following is a series of frequently asked questions regarding this tool. Registration System can be combined with other CambridgeSoft applications such as Inventory Enterprise, ChemACX Database, BioAssay Enterprise and BioSAR Enterprise although some details of these components are not discussed here.

    Frequently Asked Questions:


    • Can you briefly describe the Registration System workflow?
    • Can the system register batches of compounds?
    • Does the system perform any duplicate checking?
    • How does the system assign registration numbers?
    • How are salts registered?
    • What type of information is/can be contained in a compound registration record?
    • Can an approval process be implemented?
    • Can I assign my compounds to a project?

    Chemistry Support

    • Is the system able to display the two-dimensional chemical structure of any compound?
    • How is a duplicate detected?


    • Is the system able to find compounds by a substructure search?
    • Is the system able to find compounds by chemical name?
    • Can hitlists be saved and exported?

    Integration with other Applications

    • Can I use Registration System with BioSAR Enterprise?
    • Can I create inventory containers from Registration System compounds?


    • How do I configure the Registration System forms to look the way I want them to look?
    • How do I add items to picklist fields such as prefix, project, and structure comment?

    Non-Functional Requirements

    • What is the maximum number of concurrent users the system can support?
    • What is Row Level Security?
    • Does this system provide an API?
    • Is there documentation for system database schema?
    • What are the server software requirements?

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