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    • Author: CambridgeSoft , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • The CambridgeSoft Oracle Cartridge introduces a new way of dealing with chemical structure and reaction data in an Oracle database, improving portability and consistency in applications. Since the CS Cartridge is accessed through Oracle, this opens the door for programmers interested in manipulating chemical structure data directly from their code without learning a new language.

    Using the CS Cartridge is as easy as using a few simple SQL commands. The CambridgeSoft Oracle Cartridge supports CDX, CDXML, MolFile, RXN, and SMILES formats making it flexible enough to be included with both new and legacy data, without the need for conversion.

    This document explains how the need for the CS Cartridge arose, and the benefits of integrating the technology with your own applications or CambridgeSoft’s Enterprise Solutions.


    • Chemical Structure Data Types
    • How it Works
    • Data Cartridges
    • CambridgeSoft’s Oracle Cartridge
    • Indexing the Structure Table
    • Inserting Data
    • Searching
    • Available Operators
    • Available Functions
    • Supported Platforms
    • Maintenance
    • Uses
    • Benefits
    • Simplifies Client Side Programming

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