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    • Row Level Security

    • Author: CambridgeSoft , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • Row-level security is a level of security implemented above the standard Oracle roles. The purpose of using Roles in Chemical Registration is to restrict access to elements of the interface and data to certain users. For example, User A has access to one set of user-interface elements (such as buttons and menus) while User B is limited to a subset of those available to A. In addition, Roles limit what a user can do with the data; User A can register data and edit that data, User B can only register.

    On the other hand, Roles do not distinguish which rows a user has access to within a given table. In the pre-row-level-locking (RLS) system, User A sees all compounds in the registry, as does User B. With the implementation of RLS, the rows (records) of data are linked to projects and projects are linked to people. Thus, User A is assigned to a particular project, and will only be able to see compounds that are linked to that project.


    • How it is implemented
    • The Registration System User Interface
    • ChemLoader
    • Differences in Applications that can Register Compounds in Chemical Registration
    • How are Projects linked to People
    • The Unspecified Project
    • Duplicate Checking
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