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  • Next Generation Clinical Data Review with TIBCO Spotfire®
    • Next Generation Clinical Data Review with TIBCO Spotfire®

    • Presenter: Donald Sullivan, PhD , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • See the Clinical Data Review Solution in Action:

    - Allows merging of data across domains in an easy to use visual environment where medical monitors, safety review teams, biostatisticians, data managers, pharmacologists and others can easily identify “at risk” patients, then investigate their profiles across data domains.

    - Offers Alert Workflow: Users can set up alert criteria based on patient safety, efficacy and medical outcomes.

    - Enables Ad Hoc Workflow: Users can investigate study level data to identify patients of interest, create custom groups of patient on the fly and drill down to the cross-domain profiles.

    - Empowers team to link to individual patient narratives.

    - Includes Delta review. Line listings can be annotated as read, reviewed or amended, including user and date / time stamps.

    Clinical teams are locked in a painful cycle of static report requests, slowing clinical data review and database lock. They struggle to unify and analyze data across domains; AEs, Labs, ConMeds, Demography, Exposure, etc. Incomplete clinical data access disables the ability to see “at risk” patients and make optimal decisions on safety and efficacy, early in the process.

    The clinical data review solution speeds up the process, automatically combining data to allow clinical development team members to interactively explore information and discover new relationships. With the ability to quickly visualize and analyze data, team members can optimize the clinical trial process and focus their efforts on obtaining the insights and answers they need to bring drugs and devices to market faster.


    Donald Sullivan, PhD

    Principal Solutions Consultant

    PerkinElmer Informatics

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