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  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for Analytical QA/QC
    • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for Analytical QA/QC

    • Towards a Paperless Laboratory
    • Presenter: Steve Bolton , Company: PerkinElmer
    • Duration: 30 min
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  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks have traditionally focused on R&D requirements where researchers are looking for maximum flexibility and freedom, essentially a “blank sheet of paper” that can document any kind of experimentation and allow their experimental results to be shared with their colleagues.

    In the analytical QA/QC environment, an ELN needs to provide a very controlled environment, where the focus is on consistency, accuracy and efficiency.

    In this webinar we explore those differences, identifying 4 goals for an ELN in an Analytical QA/QC lab and demonstrating how achieving those goals can help laboratories to reduce the cost, time and effort needed to deliver quality data.
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