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  • Getting the Most Out of Your LIMS Investment
    • Getting the Most Out of Your LIMS Investment

    • LIMSLINK integrates all of your lab systems.
    • Presenter: Steve Bolton , Company: PerkinElmer
    • Duration: 33 Min
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  • A LIMS purchase is an investment in more efficient data management.

    An effective instrument/LIMS interface will help your organization to get the most out of that investment by making significant improvements in how you manage and report your instrument data.

    During this complementary webcast, we will discuss some basic instrument/LIMS interfacing concepts and provide examples of how to implement interfaces that will increase productivity, reduce data management costs and deliver results faster.

    Learn about:

    • What LIMS connectivity really means
    • The pros and cons of using instrument drivers
    • How analysts can keep control over their data, even in an automated environment
    • And more...
    Find out how we can help you “Get the most out of your LIMS investment”.

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