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  • Rapid ELN Implementation with ReDI
    • Rapid ELN Implementation with ReDI

    • ReDI is the industry's fastest ELN deployment technology ... "Seeing is Believing"
    • Presenters: Steve Bolton, Tabitha dela Cruz , Company: PerkinElmer
    • Duration: 42 Min
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  • ReDI combines a technology and a process that lets you rapidly implement a fully automated ELN for your QA/QC lab.

    At the heart of the technology is a web-based graphical user interface that lets you drag and drop highly automated controls (e.g. data entry fields) onto your existing forms. The process is just as easy as adding a table to a Word document.

    This same technology is used to interface to other systems in your lab such as LIMS, instruments, SDMS, and even instrument calibration systems. Simply drag and drop the 'communication control' onto your form, and answer a couple of simple questions. Your form is now integrated to your other lab systems.

    In this webcast we will review the process we use to add a fully integrated ELN into your lab. We will then show you how easy it is to create automated ELN worksheets.

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