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  • Basic & Advanced ChemDraw/Excel: manipulating chemical lists
    • Basic & Advanced ChemDraw/Excel: manipulating chemical lists

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • Chemically-intelligent Excel spreadsheets are a powerful tool in the day-to-day work of scientists in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and chemical industries. CambridgeSoft has released a new version of ChemDraw/Excel with a new set of features that make it one of the most powerful tools on the market for manipulating chemical lists:

    • Add single structures to a spreadsheet from your ChemDraw or E-Notebook programs.
    • Import multiple structures, as SDFiles, from online databases such as ChemACX.
    • Use ChemDraw’s “Expand Generic Structure” to create a combinatorial library in Excel.
    • Automatically determine the IUPAC name of a list of structures.
    • Take a list of common names or IUPAC names and convert them into structures with one click.
    • Calculate structural and physicochemical properties.
    • Perform exact structure, similarity, and substructure searches in a spreadsheet.
    • Perform an R-Group analysis on a list of compounds.
    • Perform reaction based enumerations.
    • And, of course, export all results into standard formats including full interface to a local database in ChemBioFinder.

    We invite you to this demonstration of the new features of ChemDraw/Excel in this webinar. We would also like to offer a free training seminar for ChemBioDraw, ChemBioFinder, and ChemDraw/Excel geared to your organizational needs. Please contact info@cambridgesoft.com to organize this free training.

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