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    • Changing Element Colors in ChemBioFinder

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 3 min
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  • ChemBioFinder draws nitrogen in red and oxygen in blue, and you can control those colors. ChemBioDraw by default draws all elements in black, whereas ChemBioFinder draws elements in color. This video demonstrates how to edit the element colors. For example, in amino acids, ChemBioFinder draws nitrogen in red and oxygen in blue; but you can change those colors or turn them off entirely. This is accomplished on ChemBioFinder's "Periodic Table."

    Steps to select element colors in ChemBioFinder:

    1. Select "Periodic Table" from the View menu.
    2. Click on one element, for example, Phosphorous, which by default is colored pink.
    3. The information pane, which originally said "The ChemBioFinder Periodic Table", is replaced with information about phosphorous: its mass, electronegativity, valences, and discoverer.
    4. Click on the information pane, which pops up the "Element Editor".
    5. Click on the "Color" button on the Element Editor, and select a basic color, or click on "Define Custom Colors" to pick a different color.
    6. All occurrences of the specified element in the ChemBioFinder database will be colored as selected.

    This video demonstrates element colors in ChemBioFinder version 12 and ChemBioDraw version 12, but the same applies to ChemBioFinder version 11 and ChemBioDraw version 11.

    When copying molecules from ChemBioFinder into other CambridgeSoft programs, the element colors are retained, but on an individual atom basis. In other words, you can USE colored atoms in all CambridgeSoft products, but you can only SELECT colored atoms in ChemBioFinder.

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