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    • ChemDraw's Structure-to-Name conversion

    • Presenters: Susan M. LeBeau, Ph.D.Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 2 min
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  • ChemDraw converts structures into systematic names and also converts IUPAC, InChI, and SMILES strings into structures, either one molecule at a time, or in batch mode.

    Did you know....

    that ChemDraw creates systematic names for any structure?

    The Struct-to-Name nomenclature tools by CambridgeSoft provide an easy, powerful way to convert between chemical structures and systematic names. The solution is provided by two independent tools, one specialized in converting names to structures and one specifically designed to convert structures to systematic names. ChemDraw users have access to both of these tools beginning for converting between individual structures and names. Each tool can also be purchased as a standalone application for batch processing of large data sets.

    ChemDraw can accurately name even complex structures

    • Convert chemical structures into standard IUPAC names
    • Over 90% success on real-world databases
    • Error checking for typographical errors or unknown structures
    • Hot-linked naming: ChemDraw updates the name automatically as you edit the chemical structure
    • Batch method for importing chemical lists

    ChemDraw can accurately name even complex structures

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