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    • Word and Excel Document Pages embedded in E-Notebook

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 3 min
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  • E-Notebook embeds documents from other programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, then uses the programs themselves for editing.

    E-Notebook embeds sections where outside programs control the editing of that section. On a Reaction or ChemImage section, ChemDraw controls the embedded section, using the ChemDraw menu with almost all functionality. Similarly, MS-Word sections embed a Word document with Microsoft Word's menu, and its functionality. You can import and export Word documents from your desktop, or edit them in place. The same applies to Excel and PowerPoint documents embedded in E-Notebook.

    Embedded documents mean you get the functionality of Microsoft Office, while retaining intellectual property protection by recording and date-stamping each document in an auditable setting. The embedded documents are stored within E-Notebook's database for searching, backup, and secure storage.

    Other programs can embed data in E-Notebook as images that you can annotate. This includes standard image formats such as JPG, GIF, and PDF. You output images from your spectra instruments or other sources, then embed them in E-Notebook. Metadata about the images and spectra can then be searched within E-Notebook.

    Finally, E-Notebook provides "Ancillary Data" sections, which link to external files on your desktop or network, instead of embedding the data. Ancillary Data links are appropriate for very large image or video files, which you do not want to embed in the E-Notebook database. When linking to Ancillary Data, E-Notebook calculates a "Checksum" value, a lengthy alphanumeric string which uniquely identifies the version of the linked object. The Checksum value indicates that the linked data has changed or has remained unchanged; you cannot see what has changed in Ancillary Data, but you can see if it has changed.

    Embedded Document Pages are available in Desktop E-Notebook, Workgroup E-Notebook, Cloud Computing E-Notebook, and Enterprise E-Notebook.

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