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Dan Weaver

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics

Dr. Daniel C. Weaver is the Senior Product Manager for Clinical and Translational Medicine at PerkinElmer Informatics. Prior to joining PerkinElmer, Dr. Weaver was the Director of Scientific Computing at Array Biopharma, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado, where he led all aspects of scientific software development and acquisition. Over the course of the last decade, Dr. Weaver’s team delivered systems to support scientific endeavors ranging from target identification though drug discovery and into clinical development and translational medicine. In a previous life, Dr. Weaver was the Lead Scientist for Gene Expression Analysis at Genomica. He received his doctorate in developmental genetics from the University of Colorado, Boulder under the direction of Dr. William B. Wood where he studied patterning in early development.

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    The cost of drug production has soared into the billions, presenting a huge barrier to companies hoping to market new medicines and creating a pressing need for more efficient development techniques.