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Philip Skinner, Ph.D.

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics


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    The following visualization provides a dashboard of a variety of material science based data being collected around a common unique identifier such as a sample ID. All the data shown was collected in the E-Notebook from a variety of experiments from a variety of different researchers.

    While companies are taking the strategic decision to go paperless, more and more are looking into business intelligence to take benefit of stored information. Final goal is to identify science challenges upfront and to manage projects using measurable KPIs. In this case study we are going to use plots and visual tables to:

    • check projects productivity
    • analyze company pipeline status
    • compare users productivity
    • extract project metrics

    This visualization is an example of a dashboard designed to support the development of new catalysts to optimise a manufacturing process in the oil and gas industry. New catalysts are synthesised and submitted to the chemical Registration for checking if the chemical structure is unique, upon which it is given a unique identification/batch ID number. The catalyst is then subjected to a series of tests, each conducted by disparate users acround the environment. Tests include chemical proeprty testing and calculations, stability testing, particle size analysis and testing of production runs, varying the process parameters within the run. These tests are all collected within experiments in the E-Notebook.

    This visualization was built using the Tibco Spotfire platform, provided to research and development and lifescience reseachers worldwide by PerkinElmer Informatics.

    The file contains an interactive visualization of the periodic table and contains many types of data associated with the elements. Navigate through this file by selecting the relevant tab from the bar at the top, or follow the links at the bottom of this page.

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