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Joshua Bishop

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics

Joshua earned his PhD in Synthetic Chemistry from Boston University in 2010 under the direction of professor Scott Schaus. He has published in multiple journals and holds three patents for his work on the synthesis and application of novel small molecule inhibitors of the transcription factor LSF. Following his work at BU, he completed a 26 month post-doctoral research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital where he studied chemical neurobiology and produced two novel tool compounds that are be evaluated as inhibiotors of protein kinases specific to neuropsychiatric disorders. Joshua joined PKI in 2013 as a member of the regional marketing team and is a self-proclaimed informatics junkie. His work focuses on enterprise and personal application solutions including E-notebook, Registration, Inventory, Chemdraw® and Spotfire®.

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    Welcome to Lead Discovery from PerkinElmer Informatics. Lead Discovery combines the chemical intelligence of ChemDraw with the analysis and visualization capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire.

    Without a clear and simple electronic tool for data capture and analysis, researchers in the Oil & Gas, Biomass and Material Science sectors have been trying to advance their fields in the 21st century with the same tools used by Galileo.