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    • Managing Workflows: A Snapshot of Biologics Process Development Support

    • Author: Anis Khimani , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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    The complex workflows encountered in discovery and process development require effective management of multi-parameter strategies and large datasets to tightly control knowledge and communication between internal and external groups. As industry research and development workflows evolve towards externalization, data management challenges are further compounded by security concerns.

    Without an integrated solution, experimental rationale, data flow and subsequent interpretation can become a challenge for biologists and process engineers creating bottlenecks from scale up to upstream and downstream processing in a biologics environment.

    In this article, we present PerkinElmer’s Ensemble for Biology informatics suite as a solution to the challenges and bottlenecks of biological workflows.

    The Ensemble for Biology platform:

    • Provides paper replacement
    • Reduces cycle time
    • Promotes collaboration
    • Streamlines workflows
    • Delivers data accuracy and security
    • Supports audit trails and compliance

    The .....