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    • ChemBioOffice for Patent Agents and Attorneys

    • Quickly find what you need and get on with the job of being first to file
    • Author: Phil McHale , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • Organizing and keeping track of the chemical structures associated with patents can be a daunting task, and as claims and granted patents accumulate, finding out which compounds or classes of compounds were covered in which patents for which indications can be almost impossible using traditional office tools.

    But help is at hand: the ChemBioOffice suite of desktop tools from PerkinElmer Informatics helps busy patent agents and lawyers quickly find what they need and get on with the job of being first to file.

    6 Ways ChemBioOffice helps...

    1: Chemical Intelligence - with ChemBioDraw, you not only get the world's favorite chemical drawing program to create publication-ready graphics, you also get a chemical property and nomenclature expert as well. Once you have drawn or opened a shared structure, ChemBioDraw can calculate elemental analysis values, derive physical properties, predict NMR spectra, and generate a systematic IUPAC name, including R/S and E/Z .....