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    • Why doesn’t a Traditional Electronic Laboratory Notebook work in a QA/QC lab?

    • ELN Requirements for Quality Assurance and Quality Control
    • Author: Steve Bolton , Company: PerkinElmer
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  • Historically, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks have been designed to accommodate research laboratories. Little, if any, consideration has been given to the needs of QA/QC labs. However, the requirements of QA/QC labs are significantly different from research labs. This article will discuss these differences and identify the requirements of an ELN for the QA/QC lab.

    R&D Requirements

    The traditional view of an ELN is that it is an R&D tool. It provides three main functions to the R&D lab:
    • A means to document and protect intellectual property and meet legal requirements for patenting new discoveries
    • Documentation throughout the discovery process to meet regulatory requirements
    • A collaboration platform so that scientists can share their research with their colleagues
    In an R&D environment the ideal ELN is one that provides the .....


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