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    • ChemBioDraw's PolymerDraw functionality

    • An Introduction to Polymer Drawing Tools
    • Author: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • ChemBioDraw has a collection of polymer-drawing features called PolymerDraw. Polymers are indicated by brackets, parentheses, and braces that enclose repeating structures or structural fragments. The bracket properties lets you specify the context and orientation of the repeating units. The polymer feature is available in ChemBioDraw Ultra, ChemDraw Ultra, and ChemDraw Pro only.

    Setting Bracket Properties

    Polymers are represented by brackets used to enclose repeated structures or structural fragments. Bracket properties specify the orientation and context of the repeating units.

    To enclose structures with brackets:

    1. To display to Bracket toolbar, go to View>Other Toolbars>Bracket.
    2. On the Bracket toolbar, select one of the double bracket tools.
    3. To draw the brackets, click and drag across the structure you want to enclose.

    This method will give a default value for component order (c1), multiple group repeat count (2), or SRU label (n). The default SRU label is shown on polyvinyl chloride below:

    Figure 1. Default SRU label .....


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