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    • Advanced Searching in ChemFinder

    • Learn to search for variable structures, polymers and isotopes.
    • Author: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • Users know about the basic chemical search function; now what about complicated searches? Can a user search for variable structures? For polymers? For isotopes? This article assumes that a user knows the basics of chemical searching, and would like to learn the details of advanced search methods in CambridgeSoft products. This article has an associated webinar, where examples are demonstrated and molecules used are downloadable for users to try out searches personally. This article and its associated webinar demonstrate the searches using ChemFinder, but the same search methods apply to E-Notebook and Inventory. The demonstrations utilize CambridgeSoft desktop products, but in this article we describe any distinctions (there are few, but some) between our desktop search and the same search in our Oracle Enterprise products.

    Our search demonstration is to set up a series of structures in the categories of:

    1. Variable structures;
    2. Polymers;
    3. Isotopes

    We .....