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    • Implementation of an Enterprise E-Notebook

    • A Case Study
    • Author: Simon Weston , Company: AstraZeneca
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  • Introduction

    The paper notebook, has played a central role in the recording of the methods and results of scientific research for centuries. It has some strengths: portability, flexibility and (to some degree) incontrovertibility but in an enterprise environment it has many weaknesses. Chief among these is that the vast majority of information entered is lost to the enterprise unless substantial processes and governance structures are created to ensure it's dissemination. However, even if these are in place, searching for relevant information is likely to be time-consuming and difficult since there is no automated search capability below the level of the physical book.

    In chemistry in particular, the relentless spread of automated, high-throughput synthetic approaches and the attendant growth in related analytical data outputs casts doubt on the suitability of the book format itself; there simply isn't room to accommodate all the data. Indeed, analytical data print-outs are commonly bound into a .....