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Below is the complete archive of all PerkinElmer Informatics webinars, videos and demos, articles and white papers.

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    ChemACX tops 21 million products

    ChemACX tops 10 million structures

    ChemACX nears 20 million products

    ChemACX tops 9 million structures

    ChemACX tops 8.9 million structures

    TIBCO Spotfire® delivers faster, easier-to-use visual data analytics for everyone from R&D to business ...

    Utilization of cancer cell line models to explore the genetic characterization and drug sensitivity of ...

    ChemACX tops 8.7 million structures

    You’ve used our Elements® collaboration platform to collect and share research data and information. During ...

    May is National Bike Month.

    Explore US patent activity by state from 1790´s to present. Explore Global patent activity from 1964 onward.

    Using a collaborative platform to streamline workflows to formulate materials in the chemical & other related industries

    With the increase of data diversity and complexity, substantial work has been done standardizing data. The ...

    ChemACX tops 8.5 million structures

    ChemDraw Video

    You have used ChemDraw™ as an Ideation tool for many years, planning out possible reaction pathways and drawing novel chemical compounds that one day may become a valuable product of the future.

    Spotfire dashboard showcasing women at PerkinElmer Informatics.

    ChemDraw Cloud is a convenient way to store, manage, and work on existing ChemDraw files anytime, anywhere! ...

    Tool for analyzing molecules to identify the reactions required to create a bond or set of bonds emanating ...

    TIBCO Spotfire in action. See how Santa is using TIBCO Spotfire dashboards to check his list twice on his way to deliver gifts across various regions.