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    • Planning a Successful Instrument / LIMS Interfacing Project

    • Author: Steve Bolton , Company: PerkinElmer
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  • As a provider of laboratory instrument interfacing solutions since 1986, we have accumulated valuable experience implementing,training and consulting with customers around the world on all aspects of instrument interfacing in the lab.

    Out of that experience, we have developed a clear understanding of what it takes to plan a successful project for interfacing laboratory instruments with LIMS.

    At first glance, the task may seem pretty straightforward, taking data from one location and moving it to another. However, creating truly productive interfaces between instruments and LIMS requires knowledge about the various interfacing possibilities along with a thorough understanding of laboratory data flow.

    In this white paper, we will present some of the key concepts and considerations that lead to a successful interfacing project. One that benefits the lab by increasing the accuracy of reported data, reducing the cost of reporting that data and getting sample results into LIMS faster.

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