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    • ChemBioDraw simplifies collaboration at Princeton

    • ChemDraw makes communication with collaborators so much easier
    • Author: Phil McHale , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • With over 1 million users, ChemBioDraw is the world's leading platform for drawing and analysis of chemical structures and biological pathways.

    If you are currently using ChemBioDraw or wish you had access to ChemBioDraw, then PerkinElmer Informatics would like you to know about "ChemBioDraw Site Subscriptions" - an easier way for you and your colleagues to share the power of ChemBioDraw.

    Please download the White Paper, "ChemBioDraw – Simplifying Collaboration for the Chemistry Department at Princeton University" to learn how a site subscription for the Chemistry Department at Princeton has simplified deployment of ChemBioDraw to all student and faculty, reduced IT and administrative costs and promoted collaboration amongst individuals, groups and departments. With the introduction of their site subscription, ChemBioDraw is now a “universal language” amongst researchers at the university.

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