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    • Inventory Enterprise (Overview)

    • Author: CambridgeSoft , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • Inventory Enterprise uses the ChemOffice Webserver technology to organize, track, and record plate and container inventories. The application uses web based search forms to search containers and substances at your facility. A tree hierarchy is used to organize all locations in the system, making it easy for users to drill down to the location of interest.

    Integrate Inventory Enterprise with Registration System and ChemACX to facilitate the ordering and registering of compounds. BioAssay and BioSAR Browser also work seamlessly with Inventory Enterprise to manage high throughput screening data.


    • Locations
    • Container Management
    • Searching
    • Searching Globally
    • Plate Inventory
    • Integration Options
    • Registration System
    • ChemACX
    • BioAssay
    • BioSAR Browser

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