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  • Biomarker Discovery: TIBCO™ Spotfire® to improve biomarker-based prediction of therapeutic response
    • Biomarker Discovery: TIBCO™ Spotfire® to improve biomarker-based prediction of therapeutic response

    • Presenter: Simone Sharma , Company: PerkinElmer
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • Webinar title: Biomarker Discovery: Using TIBCO™ Spotfire® visual analytics to improve biomarker-based prediction of therapeutic response.

    As recently as a few years ago, patients were routinely diagnosed with coarse indications like “Lung Cancer”, “Type 2 Diabetes”, or “Arthritis”. However, the advent of maturing high-content translational medicine techniques in genomics and digital pathology amongst other large scale multiplexed assays has challenged this status quo by exploring individual molecular profile of the patients. This enhanced ability to predict biomarkers has enabled an improved diagnosis of the patients by sub-dividing them into therapeutically meaningful patient populations and resulting in improved therapeutic outcomes.

    With the aim of demonstrating how visual analytics can accelerate biomarker prediction we integrated different datasets including multiplexed ELISA, genomics and clinical laboratory data from an Oncology trial study into TIBCO™ Spotfire®. Using interactive visualizations native to this analytics platform, we will demonstrate how exploratory data drill-down can help with the identification of predictive biomarkers in a study to form the basis for individualized or tailor-made treatment.


    Simone Sharma, Ph.D.

    Field Application Scientist, Genomics, Clinical and Translational

    PerkinElmer Inc.


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