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  • TIBCO Spotfire® Webinar: Data Classification and Interpretation
    • TIBCO Spotfire® Webinar: Data Classification and Interpretation

    • Presenter: Alexandra Vamvakidou , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • Data Scientists and Bioinfomaticians are not just buzz words, but important roles within an organization with great responsibility. Understanding complex scientific challenges, and requirements for data analysis has always been a main focus. There are many challenges and a growing list of requirements to explore and validate biomarker data and clinical data. These challenges stem from the volume of data being collected and curated with a focus on patient stratification that are produced and stored in disparate systems designed as omics warehouses. These warehouses are now being repurposed to assist in integrative translational projects.

    Unlike other BI tools, TIBCO Spotfire is a DATA DISCOVERY tool, the result of a PhD thesis which looked into best ways humans can interact and query data. This was during the time of the Human Genome Project when the size of the data collected started to become “Big”. Spotfire was conceived to address how researchers can interact with their data visually to create new hypotheses. So, Spotfire lends itself to those more interested in coming up with questions no one has ever thought to ask unlike most BI tools that address known questions.

    In this webinar we will cover the following topics of interest:

    • Bioinformatics Focus: Workflows and Tools for Genomic Data

    • Cohort Studies & Data MashUp: An example dashboard of Clinical and Biomarker Data

    • Extending the Platform: Examples of R integration

    • Quick Reports: Creation, Sharing and Publishing via web clients

    Presenter: Alexandra Vamvakidou, PhD.

    Field Application Scientist

    PerkinElmer Inc.


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