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  • Spotfire® in Science Webinar: Datalytix; Dynamically Combine Data From Multiple Data Sources
    • Spotfire® in Science Webinar: Datalytix; Dynamically Combine Data From Multiple Data Sources

    • Presenter: Joshua Bishop , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • Integrating output from multiple complex data systems containing related information has, historically, required multiple imports, transformations and table joining. Datalytix from PerkinElmer is here to provide a solution to that problem. Datalytix is specifically designed to import relevant data into TIBCO Spotfire from scientifically significant data sources. With a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface, Datalytix bridges the gap between corporate databases and Spotfire without assistance from IT representatives, enabling scientists to ask questions of their data as soon as they are realized, accelerating time to insight.

    This webinar will focus on combining data from a chemical registration database and an e-notebook database comprised of five different data tables. With the application of Datalytix, all of this information can now be visualized within Spotfire through a series of mouse-clicks… No SQL queries needed.

    For more information about this webinar or to set up a meeting with one of our PerkinElmer representatives, please contact Josh Bishop at Josh.Bishop@PERKINELMER.COM


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