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  • Integrating QAQC Laboratory Procedures and Equipment to SAP/SAP-QM
    • Integrating QAQC Laboratory Procedures and Equipment to SAP/SAP-QM

    • Presenter: Bill Wiersma , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 62 min
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  • See how QAQC laboratories retain flexibility and control over lab processes as they integrate with SAP/SAP-QM

    QA/QC laboratories in organizations that use SAP® are facing the need to implement tighter integration between the data that they are producing and the enterprise system. In some cases the organization is looking to further leverage their investment in SAP by using SAP QM as a replacement for LIMS. In other cases, it may be part of a program to consolidate technologies across the organization in order to reduce IT costs. Or it may simply be to ensure timely, accurate delivery of data into SAP in order to support decision making in the manufacturing process.

    For the organization, there may be concerns around the complexity, cost and time to deliver the integration project. From the laboratory viewpoint, there can be apprehensions about losing flexibility and control over their processes and the potential reduction in operational efficiency.

    This presentation will explore SAP® integration from both points of view. We will discuss and show examples of different types of integrations that have be implemented. We will explore tactics for ensuring the laboratory maintains the flexibility they need to adjust to changing requirements and highlight how a Laboratory/SAP integration project can be an opportunity to introduce a significant, positive impact on operational excellence in the laboratory as well as the enterprise.

    SAP is the trademark or registered trademark of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

    If you want to set up a meeting with one of our PerkinElmer Representatives please contact Bill Wiersma at Bill.Wiersma@PERKINELMER.COM

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