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  • The Human Body Map: Data Patterns, Visualizations
    • The Human Body Map: Data Patterns, Visualizations and Insights using the OmicsOffice Suite for TIBCO Spotfire

    • The Human BodyMap 2.0 Project (by Ensembl and Illumina) generated RNA-seq data from a broad selection of 16 human tissue types. This public RNA-seq dataset is of an inestimable value and it has been used in many different research projects. However, its high-dimensionality makes it complex to analyze and many biological conclusions may be still hidden.
    • Presenter: Dr. David Gonzalez , Company: Integromics, S.L.
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  • In this webinar we will use OmicsOffice ExpressionExplorer, an interactive TIBCO Spotfire® based workflow for quality control, exploration and analysis of expression data, to analyze the complex expression data from the Human Body Map dataset. We will demonstrate how the use of various visualizations can reveal a rapid and accurate overview of the complete dataset, helping researchers to better identify patterns in the data, interactions between different variables and guide downstream analyses.

    With OmicsOffice ExpressionExplorer, genomics researchers can now investigate beyond a static, predefined analysis and look for what is really interesting to them.

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