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  • Mastering Medicinal Chemistry
    • Mastering Medicinal Chemistry

    • Reinventing SAR through dynamic visual analytics in TIBCO Spotfire®
    • Presenter: Philip Skinner, Ph.D. , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 60 min
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  • A core role of the medicinal chemist is to understand the SAR (Structure Activity Relationship) of the molecular classes being studied. Small changes in molecular structure and properties can have diverse effects on biological efficacy and potency, bioavailability and metabolic stability. This webinar will illustrate how the graphical visualizations and dynamic filtering within TIBCO Spotfire® can quickly guide the medicinal chemist to greater intuitive understanding of the patterns within the data.

    The newly enhanced Lead Discovery extension will be used to illustrate chemical filtering, clustering, property calculation and R group decomposition. The various options for accessing data will be explored, including direct import from SD File and ChemDraw® for Excel®, along with direct database access to in-house assay databases using the PerkinElmer Datalytix™ extension.

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