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  • Biomolecules in ChemBioDraw and ChemBio3D
    • Biomolecules in ChemBioDraw and ChemBio3D

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 59 min
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  • ChemDraw is well-known as the industry leader in chemical drawing and analysis. But the name "ChemBioDraw" hints that we also offer analysis and drawing capability for numerous classes of biomolecules. This webinar will demonstrate the capacities of ChemBioDraw and ChemBio3D with regards to four classes of biomolecules:

    • Lipids: focusing on Name-to-Structure and Structure-to-Name conversions; ChemDraw/Excel name conversions; and ChemBio3D shape predictions.
    • Carbohydrates: focusing on custom templates; stereochemical searches in databases; and ChemDraw's Database Gateway for structure-to-common-name conversions.
    • Vitamins: focusing on non-plugin search in databases; SDF file export from database queries; and SDF file import into ChemDraw/Excel.
    • Proteins: focusing on creating custom nicknames like beta-alanine; dextro amino acids in custom templates; and PDB import into ChemBio3D.

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      • Peptides in ChemBioDraw and Proteins in ChemBio3D
      • 18 min


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