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    • Work Offline in E-Notebook

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 3 min
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  • You can work in offline mode in E-Notebook, then synchronize your work when back online.

    You can work in offline mode in E-Notebook when the server or network connection is not available, or when you choose to work on an unconnected laptop computer. Changes made during the offline mode then get synchronized. Features include:

    • E-Notebook experiments are automatically copied into an offline folder, so you don't need to move them offline at the time you go offline. Hence in case of power outage or network outage, you can work offline until reconnection occurs.
    • While offline, you can edit experiments, add sections, add text, perform calculations, and most other functions.
    • The only limitations on offline work are: You can't create new notebooks or new collections, and you can't make transition changes (can't close or sign experiments).
    • When you return to online work, your changes are automatically synchronized. A "synchronization change" dialog box pops up, recognizing your offline work.
    • The "synchronization change" dialog box describes each change: Content Changed; New page; New section within an existing page; or Deleted section.
    • You can accept all offline work at once, after viewing what has changed, or you can inspect each offline change in detail.

    This feature is available in Desktop E-Notebook, Workgroup E-Notebook, Cloud Computing E-Notebook, and Enterprise E-Notebook.

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