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    • Drawing plasmid maps in BioDraw

    • Presenter: Katherine Sydney , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 2 min
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  • This clip describes how to draw plasmid/vector maps using CambridgeSoft’s BioDraw program.

    The tool allows you to:

    • Define the size of your map
    • Insert regions and markers according to map coordinates
    • Easily manipulate the representation of the regions by making them different colors, dragging and dropping them closer and farther from the map for easy visualization
    • Insert text boxes to describe regions on the map which can be of different fonts, sizes and colors
    • Easily associate the vector map with any other images within BioDraw or ChemDraw
    • Save as many different types of file formats for easy publication to papers, lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, or webpages

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