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    • E-Notebook Batch Explorer

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 2 min
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  • E-Notebook's Batch Explorer allows linking multiple experiments into one Synthetic Path. The linked experiments can be from any time sequence, and from any collection of e-Notebooks from any experimenter.

    Did you know...

    that E-Notebook can organize multiple experiments into one synthetic path?

    When working on a multi-part experiment, how do you associate the multiple parts with each other? You might make notes in a paper notebook reminding you when to insert days or skip to other pages. In an electronic lab notebook, you can make links between the associated experiments, just like Internet pages are linked.

    In CambridgeSoft's new E-Notebook WorkGroup version 11.5, you can use our "Batch Explorer" feature to associate multiple steps in one synthetic path; then view the entire synthetic path on one screen; then click on any reaction in the synthetic path. You can also add new reaction steps later, inserting or removing as needed, as you'd expect.

    Several items to note on the Batch Explorer page:

    • Homoserine, the product of reaction 003, is the reactant for reaction 004 as well as reaction 005. It is shown once on the Batch Explorer page, as the product of one reaction and the reactant of two others.
    • The links for homoserine are set up on each reaction page. Similarly, all other reaction pages link their product with the next page's reactant.
    • If the reaction contains reagents and side-products, they are shown on the Batch Explorer as well -- such as the water and ethanol shown for reaction 004 for the threonine synthesis reaction.
    • The Batch Explorer page lets you click on the reaction page links to jump directly to each detailed page.
    • Batch Explorer also allows editing the synthetic pathway directly, to create a clearer picture as shown in this example.

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