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    • Importing Screening Data into the Columbus Image Data Storage and Analysis System

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  • Image Analysis for Phenotypic Screening

    Analyze all your high content imaging data using the Columbus system for consistency of analysis and better quality results.

    Includes powerful yet easy-to-use image analysis and secondary analysis capabilities designed for researchers, not image analysis experts.

    Measure complex and subtle phenotypic responses by extracting the properties that describe the unique cellular fingerprint.

    Analyze images at your desktop.

    Compare multiple samples, plates or batches to quality check your results

    Relate results to concentrations with dose response curves.

    Kinetic measurement capabilities enable you to measure time-resolved data and track cells to reveal changes in cell properties and provide information on cell movement.

    Analyze new images or re-analyze images from past experiments using our building blocks which encapsulate our many years of experience in high content analysis.

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