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    • Searching structures and text in E-Notebook

    • Presenter: Jesse Gordon , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
    • Duration: 5 min
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  • Searching in E-Notebook includes chemical structure search; substructures and similarity search; full-text search of the contents of Word and Excel documents; and metadata search of details about an experiment.

    E-Notebook includes full-featured search functionality, including chemical searches, full-text searches, and metadata searches. E-Notebook's search features include:

    • Search within Collections, Sections or Structures; using Basic Query or Advanced Query.
    • Reaction Query is a full-featured chemical structure search: by substructure, by Markush variable structure, by Tanimoto similarity, by any bond or atom attribute; and by reactant vs. product.
    • Search your own experiments, or your colleagues' experiments (any for which you have read-access or read-write access).
    • For embedded Microsoft documents, search can include "full text", searching the entire content of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.
    • Full-text searching includes: exact phrase; word list (all words found); partial word list (at least one word found); and missing word list (without specified words).
    • Metadata search includes notebook collection name; owner's name; creation date; and modified date.

    The Reaction Query and full-text search features are available in Desktop E-Notebook, Workgroup E-Notebook, Cloud Computing E-Notebook, and Enterprise E-Notebook.

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