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Alexandra Vamvakidou

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics

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    Explore US patent activity by state from 1790´s to present. Explore Global patent activity from 1964 onward.

    A quick dashboard showing how TIBCO Spotfire’s visualization can be utilized to explore the latest data. See details about the World Cup 2014 based on countries, players, position, age and numbers!

    This webinar will illustrate how the TIBCO® Spotfire analytics platform can be easily used to provide immediate insight into your data, regardless of the scientific discipline you work in.

    Academics can be split in three groups based on their software needs and interests.

    QA/QC laboratories play a critical role in any organization, providing the testing and the results that are needed to control manufacturing processes and to ensure the quality of raw materials, in process samples and finished goods. Time is of the essence, accuracy is critical and the laboratory must be sure that processes and procedures are carried out and fully documented in a manner that supports regulatory compliance.

    “TIBCO Spotfire gives users the freedom to explore and gain insights from their results, freeing them from daily tasks like collection, classification, storage, and endless worksheets of biochemical and biological data.”

    The effective integration of data and knowledge from many disparate sources is crucial to science.

    SciStream™ enables the import, aggregation, and arrangement of raw instrument data and metadata files in TIBCO Spotfire software.

    TIBCO Spotfire enables scientists to incorporate R into their analyses. Spotfire has an engine with the name ...

    Genomics data analyses that explore multi-platform, multi-technologies and integrate the expression and differential ...

    We present an overview of the OmicsOffice Data Integration tool where researchers can quickly integrate and compare genomics results. Specifically, we will examine data from an Illumina RNASeq experiment and compare its ability to identify differentially expressed genes from Affymetrix microarray results

    Animal studies are generally conducted for a longer duration, generally three to six months, and are conducted using multiple doses. The purpose of these studies is to determine target-organ toxicity, to determine the effects of prolonged dosing, and to help establish margins of safety for food additives and drugs. At the end of a study all animals are autopsied, with complete gross and microscopic examination of tissues. Complete blood chemistries are evaluated and an overall clinical assessment is made on each animal. These studies are usually conducted under the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines

    We address these challenges using OmicsOffice®, an extension to TIBCO Spotfire® focused on genomics data analysis. OmicsOffice makes it easy to analyze and integrate microarray, PCR, RNA-Seq and Chip-Seq data to identify significant targets that were validated across many platforms and technologies.