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Jesse Gordon

Company: PerkinElmer Informatics

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    Learn what made this software the leader.

    Locate available chemicals in ChemACX and create lists from various sources.

    This webinar demonstrates aspects of our ChemDraw package relevant for lawyers and business managers.

    Use ChemBio3D's "fast overlay" function for proteins up to the size of an insulin chain.

    Interconvert an unlimited of molecules between SMILES, structures, and chemical names.

    How to create custom style sheets, including text fonts and chemical structure customizations.

    CombiChem/Excel applies ChemDraw tools to combinatorial chemistry.

    Predict acid dissociation constants via ChemBio3D's MOPAC computational chemistry interface.

    ChemDraw's HotKeys can be customized with both atom shortcuts and bond shortcuts.

    A ChemDraw tool to predict the "druglikeness" of any substance.

    Did you know that you can use Python scripts in ChemFinder and ChemDraw?

    This video demonstrates how to customize your own nicknames, using beta amino acids and D-amino acids as examples.

    Natural and modified oligonucleotides can be drawn, stored, and searched in ChemDraw and related databases.

    Nucleotide and peptide sequences can be drawn, stored, and searched in ChemBioDraw's Sequence Tool.

    ChemBio3D brings workstation-quality molecular graphics and rigorous computational methods to your desktop. ...

    Use the Queries tree to track history of searches between sessions, allow queries to be rerun or reconstituted, ...

    This video demonstrates the benefits and value of CambridgeSoft Inventory as well as being a short tutorial ...