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    • CambridgeSoft Top 10 FAQs

    • Author: Katherine Sydney , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • At Cambridgesoft, we work to create software solutions that can be tailored to individual user needs. As such, we offer product tiers such as "Standard", "Pro" and "Ultra" that contain different levels of functionality as required.

    This article focuses on Frequently Asked Questions that your CambridgeSoft product experts have gathered over years of working with scientists. In some cases, our loyal users were never aware that they already had access to this functionality. In other cases, scientists owning a "Standard" or "Pro" version of the software were not aware that upgrading their software would expose them to a new suite of productivity tools.

    We shall address these FAQs from a product functionality point of view – discussing, where appropriate, the tier of software that would be most applicable for your needs.

    1) Do any of CambridgeSoft’s offerings include IR, GC, or other spectra predictions?

    ChemBio3D Ultra offers spectra predictions via .....