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    • Author: Louis J. Culot , Company: PerkinElmer Informatics
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  • Inventory Enterprise

    CambridgeSoft's Inventory Enterprise application is designed to manage the chemical, reagent, sample and compound tracking needs of large multi-site chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Inventory Enterprise is an Oracle-based, ChemOffice Enterpriser product that is designed for multiple users with diverse container types, racks and multi-well plate formats.

    Entities in the Inventory system include locations, containers and substances. A location is defined as any physical location where a container, plate or another location can be stored. An Inventory container represents a container capable of storing chemical substances. An Inventory substance represents a chemical compound, mixture, sample, etc. Inventory Enterprise manages an unlimited number of diverse locations, containers and substances.

    Containers are created to represent the actual storage vessels used by the organization. Each container is assigned a unique barcode identifier, which can be printed, using customizable report templates, from the Inventory interface. Updating the Inventory becomes as easy as scanning barcodes .....