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Below is a series of interactive demos of TIBCO Spotfire data sets. You can work with the data visualizations to understand how TIBCO Spotfire can get you to answers faster.

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    May is National Bike Month.

    Explore US patent activity by state from 1790´s to present. Explore Global patent activity from 1964 onward.

    Spotfire dashboard showcasing women at PerkinElmer Informatics.

    TIBCO Spotfire in action. See how Santa is using TIBCO Spotfire dashboards to check his list twice on his way to deliver gifts across various regions.

    Is climate change real...This question has persisted over the last decade and will likely continue to do so.Though we won’t attempt to answer this question today, this demo explores publicly available temperature and greenhouse gas data collected across the world over time.

    This set of dashboards demonstrates how the visual analytics capability of TIBCO Spotfire can play an important role in epidemiology by integrating publicly available datasets for the Ebola epidemic that started 2 years ago and has claimed over 11,000 lives and infected around 28,000 people.

    Due to the high food demand and the emerging industrial demands of our time, agricultural productivity needs to be almost doubled in the next two decades.

    Welcome to Lead Discovery from PerkinElmer Informatics. Lead Discovery combines the chemical intelligence of ChemDraw with the analysis and visualization capabilities of TIBCO Spotfire.

    In this dashboard we analyze and visualize data pertaining to a series of Bioprocessing experiments.

    View how TIBCO Spotfire can be leveraged to optimize data visualization and exploration within the LABWORKS LIMS system.

    A quick dashboard showing how TIBCO Spotfire’s visualization can be utilized to explore the latest data. See details about the World Cup 2014 based on countries, players, position, age and numbers!

    Advances in polymer manufacturing have resulted in a complex array of testing requirements. Ranging from mechanical testing such as Notched Izod impact testing and Melt Flow analysis to complex elemental analysis using chromatography, companies are faced with mountains of data.

    QA/QC laboratories play a critical role in any organization, providing the testing and the results that are needed to control manufacturing processes and to ensure the quality of raw materials, in process samples and finished goods. Time is of the essence, accuracy is critical and the laboratory must be sure that processes and procedures are carried out and fully documented in a manner that supports regulatory compliance.

    Interrogating High Content Analysis results at a single cell level can uncover hidden information and generate better data. It is particular valuable for investigating subpopulations within your study. Spotfire can analyze single cell or population data at a screening level as well as individual well level. See how you can interact with your HCS cell data with Spotfire and perform flow-like analysis like gating and filtering.

    We present an overview of the OmicsOffice Data Integration tool where researchers can quickly integrate and compare genomics results. Specifically, we will examine data from an Illumina RNASeq experiment and compare its ability to identify differentially expressed genes from Affymetrix microarray results

    Animal studies are generally conducted for a longer duration, generally three to six months, and are conducted using multiple doses. The purpose of these studies is to determine target-organ toxicity, to determine the effects of prolonged dosing, and to help establish margins of safety for food additives and drugs. At the end of a study all animals are autopsied, with complete gross and microscopic examination of tissues. Complete blood chemistries are evaluated and an overall clinical assessment is made on each animal. These studies are usually conducted under the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) guidelines

    We address these challenges using OmicsOffice®, an extension to TIBCO Spotfire® focused on genomics data analysis. OmicsOffice makes it easy to analyze and integrate microarray, PCR, RNA-Seq and Chip-Seq data to identify significant targets that were validated across many platforms and technologies.

    Cleanrooms (such as those found in the Biopharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical industries) are designed to ensure that the concentration of particles (contaminants) is kept within specified limits.

    Motor oil, as well as other engine fluids such as hydraulic fuel, are critical components in today’s engines and impact reliability, efficiency and fuel consumption.

    - In this demo DXP file, the scientist is analyzing multi-plexed ELISA data obtained from clinical trails Subject's blood samples. By integrating traditional clinical labs data with translational research labs data and clinical therapeutic response assessments, the scientist is able to derive novel insights into the relationship between the amount of drug in the Subject's blood, the degree of biological effect, and clinical response.